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WARNING: most of the beginning is just talking. But it will cease after a while.

-First, you will see a video clip. Not necessarily important, but oh well.

-When Nancy finishes walking, ring bell.

-Lukas will give you his "test." This is the match. Select them, then "check match."

-The main part of the castle is directly in front of the gate. Go in. Go up the stairs to your right. Go through the double doors (your cell phone will ring, but all cell phone conversations are automatic). Go up the stairs directly in front of you and turn right. Go down the hallway (the rightmost direction). Karl's door will be on the left. Talk to Karl and play Raid. You will get paid whenever you play. Plus, if you play it 10+ times, you will get the Beta Tester Award at the end of the game!

-On the topic of money, keep your eyes peeled for money around the castle (when you see a big sparkle, click the spot it came from. Your magnifying glass will not glow red). You'll get the Treasure Hunter Award if you collect 30+ coins from around the castle! HINT: there's a lot in the well in the middle of the courtyard (you'll get another award  [Wishing Well Award] for sending the bucket down the well 10+ times!)... although, I don't know if money you pull from here really counts. But you'll still get money ;)

-Once you finish your conversation with Karl, look around his office. See:
Sparrow Painting (on left wall)
Cabinet to left of Karl's desk (be sure to find the number pad)
The Raid card display (on right wall)
-Shame on you for knocking the card display down! But here's how you put it back:

  • Scale #1: Sailor Redbraid, Donkey King, Fairy Trigger  
  • Scale #2: Fenarius Wolf, Professor Sparrow, Enchanted Mirror
  • Scale #3: Robber, Bonaparte, Golden Hunter
-A paper will fall out once you are done. Take it.

-Flip through the Raid book below the display. Nancy will say something on Professor Sparrow's page, but go ahead and flip through the whole thing. After you finish, go back to the painting of Professor Sparrow, pick it up, and take the key taped to one of the corners.

-Return to Karl and talk to him about starting the new card character creation process.

-Leave the room. Your cell phone will ring again.

-Observe both sitting areas to the left and to the right of Karl's office. Find the Glass Tile Box (you'll need to find only 2 tiles) and book about Castle Finster.

-Go to Nancy's room (exit hall right, take stairs straight ahead); notice the painting and plaque. Turn right, Nancy's room will be on the left. Once in, look at the:

  • Brochure on mantle
  • Wardrobe where Gift Shop purchases will be delivered
-Retrieve the German to English Dictionary off the night table. Translate the paper you get from
Karl's office, and call Frank (you can try and call Ned, too, but you'll only get his voicemail).

-Explore the outside. The two most important things are:
  • Get the shears from the house directly to left when looking at castle
  • Look at the musical sheet on the stairs on the steps leading to the low house.
-Go to the Foyer, the first room you walk into in the castle. Talk to Lukas and play Monster. If you win, you get a set of Raid cards. If you collect the whole deck, you will get the Card Collector Award.

-Explore the Main Entrance. See:
  • Grimm's book on the coffee table and the object by the vase.
  • Glockenspiel under the castle decoration in the wall
-Go to the Gift Shop (to the right of Lukas), turn left immediately, and talk to Anja. When you're done, observe the shop (see Grimm's Baddie's book, Monster table, the four clocks and the table underneath, glass art book (in which there is a slip of paper you'll take), monster tee, postcards, and "food machine"). You'll get the Keepsake Kitsch Award if you buy one of every item in the Gift Shop!

-Talk to Anja again.

-Go to Lukas. The game will back you up after Lukas' friend conversation, but you can go right back. He'll tell you a secret about Renate, so go to the gift shop afterwards and get a slice of cake.

-Go upstairs and through the doors (you'll get two calls), go up the second flight of stairs in front of you, and go straight through the big, wooden double doors. This is the Great Hall. Turn right and you will find Renate. Talk to her. At the end of your conversation, offer her the cake (if you give her food 8+ times, you'll get the Take Away Deliverer Award). She'll fall asleep.

-Go through her bag (to the left of her). Move the items like so:

-Now for the color-code box. Unfortunately, there is no cheat for this. The color code changes each time, and the green/yellow lights seem to be in no particular order. But here's my method:
  • Guess 4 random colors to get an idea of which colors are in the final code. Of the 4 I picked, 3 are right, just in the wrong spot.
  • My next step is to find the WRONG color, so I just put one color in this slot. First, I try purple, and see that one of them is in the right spot, so I know that this color belongs.
  • So I keep purple in my guesses and try to find where it goes. So now I fill it with dark blues, but there's only 1 yellow light and that has to be for the purple. So Dark Blue was the wrong color.
  • From here, it's almost all deductive reasoning. I continued with pink and orange with my 1 purple to try and narrow my list of where those 3 will go.
  • Next I try and find the fourth color, which is red.
  • I cut it very close, but I eventually found the right combination. You only get 10 tries and you may have to start over (with all new colors). But you can get the hang of it!
-Also be sure to read The Owl from her bag as well. There will be a ripped out page in it to take.

-Look around the Great Hall.
  • Go to stain glass window and take glass tile from bottom right corner.
  • Go to the far left of the room and look at the newspaper. Notice the vocabulary section. Comet (der Komet), Sun (die Sonne), and Moon (der Mond). Hmm... ;)
-Go to Nancy's room, call everyone on your list. There will be a knock on Nancy's door after you finish.

-Oh no! Dumb monster! Don't you know it's bad to play with fire?? Oh well. All you need to do to fix it is turn around, go to the well, get a bucket of water. It'll go into your inventory. But you don't need to trip over yourself trying to hurry, it's not gonna get that bad that quick ;)

-Go to Nancy's room to call Markus, Frank, and Ned. On the way there, translate the plaque.

-Water just fell on your head, didn't it? NBD. Just go put on the dress someone creepily left on your bed...

-Go talk to everyone in the castle. Karl will give you the key to the furnace room, and Renate will tell you to go change. Look on your bed (how rude...) and between the fireplace and wardrobe and get the paper. Go back to Renate and tell her what happened.

-Head to the furnace room. The easiest way to get there is by going through the Gift Shop, going through the archway, go down the hall and turn right where it T's off.

-Once in, turn left to the table and get three tools, get the green tile out of the red/silver box by the furnace and observe the three top buckets in the corner.

-Pull the exterior sliding door in front of the furnace, then open the furnace door. Notice a lever on the right. Use the tongs you pulled off the table to flip it. This will open up the dungeon. Observe the dungeons, the trap door, the spot on the wall that "looks like something fits here," and get another ripped out page.

-There is a blue machine behind the furnace and the door. Plug it in. Sharpen the shears you found on it.

-EASTER EGG #1: Go to the glass tile box once you have all 9 tiles. Stack them all in the upper right hand corner of it. A compartment will open and there will be a metal nugget. Go back to the furnace room, go to the table, and click the long rod with the nugget. Put it in the furnace.

-For the glass puzzle, place them in this order (use the example they give you as reference on where the tiles go):

  • Dark Purple Rectangle (rotate once)
  • Dark Green Rectangle
  • Red Square
  • Light Blue Square
  • Bright Green Square
  • Yellow Square
  • Dark Blue Square
  • Orange Square
  • Pink Rectangle (rotate once)

-EASTER EGG #2: Go to Nancy's room and dial 6667837 (or MONSTER) and you will get a message saying, To find the egg, dig near the vegetable that vampires fear! And go into the forest and dig near a strip of garlic (once you enter the forest go forward, left, left, and then near the middle of the screen you can see it) and use the ladle you found in the furnace room to dig.

-Head to the woods and find the bur bush (beware, the woods is difficult to navigate. You can use the monster sightings paper as a reference though. Renate put an outline of the woods on the right). When you find it, use the shears to cut the bush down. You'll find a camp. Take the hexagonal stone tile (by fire pit) and the flashlight (in the opening of the tent). You should be able to dig for something as well behind the tent. HINT: If you go into the woods 15+ times, you'll win the Fearless Forester Award!

-Go to the well. Hook the flashlight onto the rope, and send it down. When it's done, go down the rope. You will see a puzzle with pieces that look like the stone tile you found in the woods. Put it in. the gol of the puzzle is to get all touching sides to be touching the same image. Pieces can be moved and rotated. Here is how it should look:
-Go explore the well. Like the woods, it is very hard to navigate through all the tunnels. You should be able to find another ripped out page on a pile of boulders in a corner, a metal cubby in the wall that has another slip of paper to be decoded, a dead end full of newspapers (that'll have vocabulary sections for the new paper), a metal panel in the wall (that'll have 2 key holes), a barrel (which you will need to pry open with one of the tools you got from the furnace room), and a map. But here is the map so you know how to get around:

-Keep an eye out as well for Renate's scarf (the red one with golden elephants) where you see the X in that dead end. It represents a wood pile. You'll get the Historic Preservationist Award if you find it and get it back to Renate.

-Go talk to Lukas, then Karl, then Lukas again.

-When Lukas leaves, take the paper from beneath the left chair, and solve it. This is what it should say:

-You will have to go find all the notes yourself in order for it to work. Once you find all five notes, go to the glockenspiel. Play in this order:

-This opens up the security booth, as promised. You will first need to power it all up, so go here:
-You'll need to use the control key you found to turn it on. If you need help figuring out what the control key is, just hover over the objects in your inventory to see their names. You'll find the instruction manual for the power up process behind the phone.

-On the "Zap Up!",  press 9-17-14-5. That'll power up the circuit. Notice Renate in the second camera. Go a head and press all the buttons, for fun. And to get an idea of which button shows you a certain area. When you press button 6.

-Go to the phone, translate the 2 stickers. Put your dictionary away, and put your phone in the slot to get security alerts.

-Now go to the far right. this is where the knob you got from the glass tile box will go. You still have to find one.

-Go to the Gift Shop and go towards the clocks. Click on the third one, get Nancy to say something. Back up, and look for a blue paper on the table underneath. It says "Else Castle Finster." Go use it on the Castle Finster  book by Karl's office.

-After doing so, you'll get an alert. Go to the security room to find where the monster is. Go into the courtyard. Nancy will automatically follow it after it leaves, and the gates will close. Take a step forward.

-Turn to your left. There will be some tiny doors, and a loose brick over it. Get the key to unlock the doors.

  • Drag #1 all the way up.
  • Drag #2 to the left.
  • Drag #3 to the left.
  • Drag #4 up one spot.
  • Drag #5 all the way to the right.

  • Drag #1 down as far as it will go.
  • Drag #2 all the way to the left.
  • Drag #5 all the way down.
  • Drag #6 all the way left.
  • Drag #3 down.
  • Drag #4 to the far left.
  • Drag #3, 7, and 8 all the way up.
  • Drag #6 to the right
  • Drag #5 all the way up.
  • Drag #9 all the way to the right.
  • Drag #9 to the right.
  • Drag #10 and 11to the far left.
  • Drag #1 down.
  • Drag #2 to the left.
  • Drag #6 down.
  • Drag #9 to the right.
  • Drag #5 up.
  • Drag #7 to the left.
  • Drag #3 down.
  • Drag #4 to the left.
  • Drag #8 up.
  • Drag #9 all the way to the right.
-Get the cloth that was snagged on the gate.

-Talk to Lukas and Anja.

-Go behind the couches in the Foyer and click on the stilts.

-Talk to Karl and Renate.

-Go to the Security Booth and to the phone. Press the Karl button (be careful to not stay idle for too long while you're snooping, or you'll get caught and have to do a Second Chance).

-Translate the calendar and read the festival booklet on the desktop, then use the antique key you found from behind the Professor Sparrow painting to unlock Karl's desk. Read the love letter, look at his locked day planner and find Anja's key underneath the pencil holder.

-Now go send Anja away from her desk. Read the e-mails from Markus and get the clock-winding tool in her drawer.

-Go to the 3rd clock from the left and change it to 7:21. You'll get the 2nd dial.

-The newspapers with the vocabulary words for the 2nd coded paper is in the tunnels.

-EASTER EGG #3: Go to the metal panel in the tunnels and put both Anja's and Karl's keys in it.

-Go to the Security Booth and put the 2 dials that you have found in an decode the two messages. You can use your normal keyboard to type in the coded message.
  • Sun/Moon/Comet, turn dials to S, M, K.
  • Bat/Castle/Knight, turn dials to F, B, R.
-Send Karl out of his office and go to his day planner and unlock it (code: 8-2-6-1). You'll see:
  • (4) Little Snow White
  • (1) The Sea Hare
  • (3) The Golden Children
  • (2) Rumpelstiltskin
  • (5) The Donkey
-All these characters refer to characters that the Raid cards were based off of. So go to the Raid guide and use the "Characters Based On" and color to figure out the number value. For example, for The Donkey:
So the 5th number in the cabinet combination is 9.
-When you retrieve all the numbers for the combination, go to the keypad and input the combo. Be sure to hit ENTER after every number. So,{ 5 [ENT] 13 [ENT] 15 [ENT] 11 [ENT] 9 [ENT] }. Read all 3 files.

-Look at the painting by Nancy's room again. You're going to need an undamaged version, so go get a postcard from the Gift Shop.

-Go call Castle Cast (it'll be on the post-it on the phone). Then call Markus. Then follow up with Castle Cast. Call Ned and Frank, too.

-Go talk to Lukas and Anja. Head upstairs.

-You'll get an alert about the monster. Go to the Security Booth, and see that the monster is in the Furnace Room. The quickest way to get there is through the gift shop.

-After you and Lukas watch the actual monster walk by, go back to the Security Booth. You'll see the camera catch Anja running out to the woods.

-Go talk to Lukas, Anja, Lukas (again), Karl, Renate, and back to Anja.

-Call Markus, Frank and Ned.

-Look at the paper of monster sightings you got from Renate's bag to find out where the monster will be seen next. You'll need to get a picture with your cell phone for Karl. It'll be near the large tree in the woods. When you get there, there will be a 3rd coded message.

-The vocabulary you need for it will be in the tunnels again. But you will put M, D, E for the dials.

-Go call Ned and Frank after you decode the paper.

-Karl will call your cell once you back up from the phone. Lukas is missing.

-Talk to Anja.

-Go to the dungeon. Here's how to open the cell (Buttons 1 through 4, left to right): 3-(Release bar)-2-4-1-2-3-4

-The stone buttons will be hit in this order: Necklace, boulder, well, shield, trap door.

-Next, you will see this puzzle:

-When you get out, you will be in the well tunnels. But all the exits other than the dungeon exit will be locked. There will be a bag sitting by the stairs that Nancy will point out. There are 2 things to see in there.

-Go up the stairs. You're now confronting the monster. You will have a conversation. When it comes time... which will be when they say "I am the monster and you are the victim...", put the necklace you found in the dirt in the spot on the wall. Click on the RIGHT side of the circle. And you have completed Nancy Drew #24: The Captive Curse!


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